How to Watch YouTube TV on Roku

TV.YouTube TV/Start Roku is a present day streaming platform that brings together the best of each worlds: the great content material library of YouTube TV and the seamless streaming competencies of Roku. This dynamic duo offers a big selection of channels, shows, films, and plenty extra, multi function place.

Activate YouTube TV on Roku

Activating YouTube on your Roku device involves a few steps. Here’s a general guide on how to do it:

  • Power in your Roku: Make certain your Roku tool is powered on and connected in your TV.
  • Connect to the Internet: Ensure that your Roku tool is hooked up to the net. You can try this through a wired or wi-fi connection.
  • Go to the Roku Home Screen: Use your Roku remote to navigate to the Roku home display. You can normally do that by means of pressing the Home button on your remote.
  • Access the Roku Channel Store: From the home screen, scroll down and select ‘Streaming Channels‘ on the left sidebar. In the Channel Store, you could browse or look for channels.
  • Find the YouTube Channel: In the Channel Store, you can search for ‘YouTube‘ using the search characteristic, or you can browse through the diverse categories to discover it.
  • Add the YouTube Channel: Once you discover the YouTube channel, pick out it. On the subsequent screen, you’ll have the option to ‘Add Channel‘ or ‘Install.’ Click on this option.
  • Wait for Installation: Roku will down load and deploy the YouTube channel for your tool. This may take a few moments.
  • Launch the YouTube Channel: After installation is complete, you’ll have the option to “Go to Channel.” Select this to open the YouTube app.
  • Sign In: If you have a YouTube account, you can sign in to access your subscriptions, playlists, and history. You can also use the YouTube app without signing in.
  • Activate YouTube:
  • Depending on your Roku model and if you’ve previously linked your YouTube account, you may be prompted to activate YouTube using a code.
  • Go to on a computer or mobile device and enter the activation code displayed on your TV screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation.
  • Enjoy YouTube: Once activated, you can start using the YouTube app on your Roku device. You can search for videos, watch your subscriptions, and enjoy all the features of YouTube.

That’s it! You’ve successfully activated YouTube on your Roku device. You can now enjoy streaming videos on your TV.

Add YouTube TV to Roku From a Web Browser

Here are the stairs to link your YouTube TV account to your Roku device after including the YouTube TV channel to Roku:

Add YouTube TV to Roku:

  • Follow the steps I furnished in advance in this communique to feature the YouTube TV channel on your Roku tool at once from the Roku Channel Store.

Launch the YouTube TV Channel:

  • After you have delivered the YouTube TV channel, go to the Roku domestic screen and navigate to the YouTube TV app.

Sign In:

  • Open the YouTube TV app on your Roku and select ‘Sign In.’
  • You’ll see an activation code for your TV screen.

Activate on a Web Browser:

  • On a computer or cellular tool, open an internet browser.
  • Go to the YouTube TV activation web page: tv/start.
  • Sign in with the Google account associated with your YouTube TV subscription if you haven’t already.

Enter the Activation Code:

  • On the activation page, input the code displayed for your Roku TV display screen.
  • Click ‘Next‘ or ‘Continue.’

Complete the Activation:

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation procedure.

Once you’ve got completed these steps, your YouTube TV account will be connected for your Roku device, and you may be able to access YouTube TV content to your Roku.

Subscribe YouTube TV on Roku

To subscribe to YouTube TV on Roku, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Set up Your Roku Device: If you have not already set up your Roku tool, you may want to do this first. Connect your Roku for your TV and follow the on-display screen instructions to attach it to your Wi-Fi community and create a Roku account if you have not carried out so already.
  • Access the Roku Home Screen: Use your Roku faraway to navigate to the Roku domestic display screen. This is where you may find all your mounted channels and apps.
  • Search for the YouTube TV Channel: Navigate to the Roku domestic display screen and press the ‘Home‘ button to your far off. From there, use the directional buttons to scroll to the ‘Streaming Channels‘ alternative at the left sidebar. Press the right arrow to go into the Channel Store.
  • Search for YouTube TV: In the Channel Store, you may look for YouTube TV. You can use the on-display keyboard to kind ‘YouTube TV‘ or use the voice seek characteristic in case your Roku faraway has a microphone.
  • Select and Install the YouTube TV Channel: Once you have located the YouTube TV channel, select it by using urgent the OK button on your remote. You’ll be taken to the channel’s details page. Click ‘Add channel‘ or ‘Install‘ to add the YouTube TV channel on your Roku.
  • Open the YouTube TV Channel: After the channel has been mounted, you could get entry to it from the Roku home screen. Navigate to the YouTube TV icon and choose it. If you are now not already signed in on your Google account, you may need to sign up or create one.
  • Subscribe to YouTube TV: Once you’re signed in, you will have the choice to subscribe to YouTube TV. You’ll need to provide your fee facts and complete the subscription procedure. YouTube TV typically gives a loose trial length for brand new subscribers, so you’ll be capable of strive it out earlier than committing to a paid subscription.
  • Confirm Your Subscription: Follow the on-display prompts to verify your subscription details, and once the charge is processed, you must have access to YouTube TV on your Roku device.
  • Enjoy YouTube TV: You can now start streaming live TV and on-demand content via the YouTube TV app to your Roku device.

Remember that YouTube TV is a paid service, and subscription costs may vary depending on your location and any ongoing promotions. Be sure to review the terms and pricing before finalizing your subscription.


TV.YouTube TV/Start Roku is a recreation-changer within the world of entertainment. With its widespread content library, affordability, and consumer-pleasant interface, it is no wonder why an increasing number of humans are making the switch from traditional cable TV. Embrace the destiny of entertainment with TV.YouTube TV/Start Roku and release a international of possibilities.

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