Youtube Music Desktop App: Login, Features, and Setup

World of ‘YouTube Music Desktop App might primarily exist in the realm of apps and web browsers, but there’s a hidden gem for desktop users: the YouTube Music Progressive Web App (PWA). This isn’t your typical, full-fledged native app, but it offers a surprisingly convenient and feature-rich way to enjoy your favorite tunes on your PC or Mac.

Activate Youtube Music Desktop App

Desktop App:

  1. Launch the > YouTube Music app.
  2. Tap > “Sign Up” or “Create Account.”
  3. Choose your suitable method: create an account with your Google email, log in with your existing Google account, or use Facebook for a social media duet.
  4. If creating a new account, choose a > strong password and accept the Terms & Conditions.
  5. Welcome to the stage! Time to explore the musical universe.


  1. Navigate to the > in your browser.
  2. Click the > “Sign Up” or “Create Account.”
  3. Select the > preferred method you can see the website
  4. If creating a > new account, choose a strong password and accept the > Terms & Conditions.
  5. The curtain rises! Get ready to lose yourself in the music.

Benefits Youtube Music Desktop App

  • No installation needed: Just visit in your browser and click “Install YouTube Music” in the top right corner.
  • Lightweight and efficient: Doesn’t take up as much disk space as a full native app, making it ideal for older or less powerful computers.
  • Seamless cross-platform experience: Access your playlists, recommendations, and saved music across all your devices.
  • Offline listening (Premium): Download your favorite tunes for offline enjoyment, just like the mobile app.
  • Background play: Keep the music flowing even when you switch to other tabs or apps.
  • Media keys support: Use your keyboard’s dedicated media keys to control playback.

Drawbacks Youtube Music Desktop App

  • Not a true native app: Lacks some features of native apps, like drag-and-drop and advanced customization options.
  • Requires an internet connection: Not truly portable like a downloaded music library.
  • Updates happen through your browser: Not as automatic or seamless as app updates.
  • Ultimately, the YouTube Music PWA is a great option for users who want a convenient and lightweight way to enjoy YouTube Music on their desktop without downloading a fully native app. It’s especially useful for those with limited storage space or older computers that might struggle with a resource-intensive application.
  • Bonus tip: For an even more native-like experience, consider enabling “Desktop site” mode in your browser settings. This will hide the browser elements and give you a more app-like window.

Cons Youtube Music Desktop App

Limited Functionality:

  • No Drag-and-Drop: Forget organizing your playlists by dragging and dropping tracks or folders. The PWA relies on clicking and searching, which can feel clunky for power users.
  • Customization Lite: Unlike full-fledged native apps, the PWA offers limited customization options. You can’t tinker with the interface or personalize the listening experience to the same extent.
  • Missing Features: Certain features, like equalizer adjustments or lyrics display while minimized, are absent in the PWA.

Technical Quirks:

  • Updates Through Browser: Unlike native apps, the PWA receives updates through your browser, which can be slow and less seamless. You might not always have the latest features or bug fixes.
  • Potential Resource Demands: While lightweight compared to native apps, the PWA can still consume more resources than a basic music player, especially when running in the background.
  • Browser Dependence: The PWA’s functionality is tied to your browser. Issues or limitations with your browser can impact your YouTube Music experience.

Offline Limitations (Free Tier):

  • No Background Play: Even with downloaded music, background playback is only available for Premium users in the PWA. Free users are stuck with minimized windows and no multitasking.
  • Limited Download Options: Free users have limited download options compared to Premium. You might not be able to download specific playlists or albums, forcing you to rely on curated mixes.


Final curtain falls, but the music lingers. The battle of the streaming titans, YouTube Music Desktop App, reaches a harmonious draw. Both platforms offer powerful soundtracks to your life, each with its own distinct melody. For the audiophile soul, Spotify’s vast library and curated playlists might be the perfect chorus. For those who crave a visual feast alongside their sonic journey, YouTube Music’s on-demand music videos and broader YouTube integration might orchestrate a more vibrant experience.

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